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8/15/2007 5:11 PM
TO MY READERS -- On the Nature of My Earlier Works.

Because I have written so many books, I will take only one other example for examination: the novel about the vampire Marius called Blood and Gold. The theme of this novel has to do with whether or not the Italian Renaissance and the artistic movement that reflected its humanism can redeem the central character and those he seeks to shepherd as apprentices as he himself seeks to create great works of art. The debate between the characters Marius and Armand has to do with whether Renaissance humanism can redeem Armand from a despair experienced by him after the loss of his Russian orthodox childhood. The true villains of the novel -- a band of Satanists who are presented unsparingly as cruel and deluded -- destroy the potentially beautiful refuge which Marius has created for his 'family' and himself.

Anne Rice