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Note :: This is a work in progress, more will be added.

30 BC - Marius is Born

15 BC - Pandora is Born

5 BC - Pandora & Marius meet

0 - Pandora & Marius meet again (Lupercalia)

5 AD - Marius is made & acquired Akasha

20 AD - Pandora is made & Marius has had Akasha for over 15 years

410 AD - Rome is sacked and Marius sleeps

1200 AD - Marius sleeps a second time

1300s AD - Marius sleeps a third time

1499 AD - Marius attacked by Santino's Roman coven; Armand is taken; Bianca is made.

1794 AD - Marius beings Lestat to his Aegean island and confides in him the secrets of Akasha and Enkil

1985 AD - Akasha is killed