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song dedications

If you want to read the lyrics, click the song name. These are all songs that I feel through the lyrics remind me of either Marius on his own, or one of his relationships.

The Who- Behind Blue Eyes
Korn- Alone I Break (From Seema Kaur)
Korn- Everything I've Known (From Seema Kaur)
Korn- Here it Comes Again (From Seema Kaur)
Unto Ashes- Ostia (From Tara)
Korn- Hollow Life (From Seema Kaur)
Taproot- I Hate Myself (From Seema Kaur)
The 69 Eyes- Broken Man (From Joe)

Marius & Pandora
Sarah Mclachlan- Possession
Goo Goo Dolls- Long Way Down
The Cure- Lovesong
Type O Negative- Too Late: Frozen
Goo Goo Dolls- Iris (From Seema Kaur)
Default- Deny (From Seema Kaur)
Mad at Gravity- Stay (From Seema Kaur)
crushing velvet- Bleed (From JupiterAmy)
Neko Case- Hex (From JupiterAmy)
Led Zeppelin- Tangerine
Tracy Chapman- The Promise
Morrissey- Jack the Ripper (From JupiterAmy)
Creed- With Arms Wide Open (From Alia)
K Mario- Femme Like You (From Josefino)
Trapt- Echo (From Lyndsay)
Evans Blue- Cold (But I'm Still Here) (From Rararma)
Seal- Love's Divine (From Rarama)
Sonata Arctica- Broken (From Joe)
Marilyn Mansion- Tainted Love (From Joe)
Jann Arden- Insensitive (From Joe)

Marius & Armand
Garbage- #1 Crush
Depeche Mode- Question of Time
Christan Death- Cavity: First Communion
crushing velvet- XXX (From JupiterAmy)
Mariah Carey- Without You (From Josefino)
Wicked- As Long as You're Mine (From Jesse)
Bon Jovi- Bed of Roses (From Rarama)
Mariah Carey- Open Arms (From Rarama)
Sonata Arctica- Kingdom For A Heart (From Joe)
Fort Minor- Where Did You Go? (From Joe)

Maruis & Bianca
Goo Goo Dolls- Here is Gone (From Seema Kaur)
Milla Jovovich - Strange Behavior (From JupiterAmy)
Staind- Right Here (from Joe)
James Blunt- Goodbye My Lover (From Joe)
Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart (From Rarama)
Puscifer- Rev - 22:20 (From Joe)

Maruis & Santino
Chester (From Linkin Park)- System (From Seema Kaur)
Jay Gordon- Slept So Long (From Seema Kaur)
Korn- Right Now (From Seema Kaur)
Skold- Don't Pray For Me (From Joe)

Marius & Mael
Korn- Counting on Me (From Seema Kaur)
Taking Back Sunday- There's No "I" In Team (From Joe)

Marius on Mortals
Korn- Hey Daddy (From Seema Kaur)

Marius & Akasha
Korn- My Gift to You (From Seema Kaur)
Jeff Martin: The World is Calling (From Rararma)

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