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marius' true age

Thank you to JupiterAmy for inspiring me to actually get out my paper with exact dates and quotes, and for helping me with the math!

Pandora states that she was born in 15BC, "I was born in Rome, during the reign of Augustus Caesar, in the year that you now reckon to have been 15B.C., or fifteen years 'before Christ'" pg. 36. When she was ten, "I was ten years old, I came in from playing [...]" pg. 53, the first time she met Marius, she stated that he was no more than 25 at the time, "Now on this day, this was Marius when he was alive, about fifteen years before he was to be made a vampire. I can calculate he was only twenty-five" pg. 50. This would leave one to believe that Marius is approximately 15 years older than Pandora is, which would make his birth year around 30BC.

Also, because she states it was about fifteen years before Marius was made, the math would be consistent with the fact that he was 40 when he was made. 40 is the typically accepted age since that is what is said in The Vampire Lestat novel. However, much of the other math is inconsistent with this. If Marius were 40 when he was made, 15 years later, that would mean he was made when Pandora herself was 25. Pandora was 35 when they met again, which is just a ten year span. But on page 283, Marius states that "For fifteen years I've been her guardian," speaking of Akasha. And again on page 294 Marius states that he has had the pair for "Over 15 years. I lose count." As you can see, the math doesn't add up. He couldn't have been made 15 years afterwards at the age of 40 because when Pandora is 35 (15 years younger), he has had them for over 15 years. Subtract that from Pandora's age would leave us with 20, and Marius would be 35.

Back on track, more evidence is given in the beginning of the book. After Marius asks for Pandora's hand in marriage when she was ten, Pandora and Marius don't see each other again until the festival of Lupercalia, when Pandora is 15. Taking into account that Marius was approximately 25 when she was 10 (and is thus 15 tears older), this would place Marius around the age of 30. It was around this time that Marius vanished. It was after this, as he traveled, that he was kidnapped. He was kept by the Druids until the night of Samhain, which is on October 31st/November 1st, which could have very well been when Marius to the age of 35. Since at the mortal age of 50 (already a vampire), he said that he had been taking care of Akasha for over 15 years, then he had to have been 35 max when he was made.

Besides, let's consider something...

The 'average' life expectancy in Ancient Rome (considering all of the plebeians) was around 28. Augustus died at 49... Cicero at 63. If Marius were in his mid-40s, he would have been near to an old man by Roman standards and his health would have been as such. In his 40's, Marius may have been no where near the active, traveling, writing historian with a body and mind perfect for becoming a God.

Chronological Breakdown based on the dates above:

30 BC - Marius is Born.
* Evidence: Pandora pg. 36 & 53- Pandora born in 15BC. At the stated age of 10, Pandora says that Marius could have been no older than 25. That makes Marius 15 years her senior. Thus, if Pandora were born in 15BC, Marius is born in 30BC.

15 BC - Pandora is Born.
     Marius - 15
* Evidence: Pandora pg. 36- Pandora states this is the year she was born.

5 BC - Pandora & Marius meet.
     Pandora - 10
     Marius - 25 (app)
* Evidence: Pandora pg. 53- At the stated age of 10, Pandora says that Marius could have been no older than 25.

0 - Pandora & Marius meet again (Lupercalia)
     Pandora - 15
     Marius - 30 (app)
* Evidence: Pandora pg. 55- Pandora attends the Lupercalia at the age of 15, making Marius 30.

5 AD - Marius is made & acquired Akasha
     Pandora - 20
     Marius - 35 (app)
* Evidence: Pandora pg. 294- Pandora is 35 when she and Marius meet again in the year 20 AD. Marius states he has had Akasha for 15 years or more, which would make the date of his acquiring her around 5 AD. Since we know he attained her just after he was made, that means he has been a vampire for about 15 years, perhaps more. Being made around 5 AD, which would make Marius around 35.

20 AD - Pandora is made & Marius has had Akasha for over 15 years
     Pandora - 35