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During his travels through Roman Gaul, Marius met a Keltic man by the name of Mael one night while sitting in a bar in Massalia. This man, entranced by Marius, spoke to him of Egypt and knowledge.

This man was on assignment by his people, Druids, to search out who would be their next God. A new God was wanted because the old one had met with a catastrophe and was burnt. Too weak, the Druids needed a new God. So, Mael discovered Marius and followed him for a while to be sure that Marius would make the perfect God. He was looking for someone not only fit in body, but extraordinary in mind. Marius, being the intelligent man he was, proved the one Mael wanted. He already knew Egyptian speaking and legend. Also, he was Keltic like they were.

I always assumed that Mael wasn't working alone. After all, Marius was hit in the head from behind while speaking to Mael, which makes me believe that there was someone behind Marius.

Marius fainted and was later woken in a cart traveling through the woods. He was taken by the Druid men to their wooded home, locked away lest he escape. It was while imprisoned that Mael became Marius' teacher, instructing him in the Druid ways. Marius learned myths, songs, and legends. All of it was preparation for being a Druid God. Marius loathed Mael but saw him as his only 'friend.' Though, no real friendly bond formed. Marius hated Mael and Mael frequently teared up with pride. As he was taught, Marius' hair was also made to grow long.

On the night of Samhain, which begins October 31st and ends November 1st, Marius was taken from the hut in which he was held and secretly taken to the festival grounds. Hidden from view of anyone, Marius was led to a massive oak. Inside was his maker.

His maker, the God of the Grove, a horribly burnt being, had a new task for Marius. He wanted Marius to escape with him to Egypt so that together they could solve the mystery of what occurred to bring about the terrible fire that consumed him and burnt his flesh, leaving him in so much pain.

Marius' making was ritual like with the exchange of blood going back in forth. As blood was shared, the God of the Grave gave to Marius all of his knowledge. Marius speaks of his making as a painful affair, frequently too weak and too in pain to move.

But, finally, he was a vampire. Brought out of the tree, he was taken to the festival grounds and shown to the rest of the Druids. Then, in another ceremony, he was fed the bodies of criminals, those condemned to death. Marius enjoyed this very much, gathering all the strength necessary to make his escape. Unfortunately, his maker was fed to the fire before they could run away together, so Marius went alone to Egypt.

And that is a whole different story.