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random facts

Here are a collection of random facts that I have collected about Marius along the way (along the way meaning... reading the books.

... Marius opened up his house four times in Venice.

... As Marius drank from Akasha and dreamed, he was frequented by visions of a garden. It was finally revealed that this garden belonged to his father.

"I saw the garden. I saw the garden I had painted after I had fallen in love with Botticelli, and it was filled with his orange trees and with his flowers and yet it was my garden, the garden of my father's house outside Rome long long ago. How could I ever forget my own garden? How could I ever forget the garden where I had first played as a child? In memory I went back to those days in Rome when I had been mortal, and there was my garden, the garden of the villa of my father, and I was walking in the soft grass and listening to the sound of the fountain, and then it seemed that all through time, the garden changed but never changed, and it was always there for me."