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stats & details

Name: Marius de Romanus (His actual last name is not known. De Romanus was a name that he gave himself, meaning of Rome, on the spur of the moment when he was asked by Botticelli was his last name was.)

Birth Place: Born in Massilia, now known as Marseilles in France. It was part of Roman Gaul in Roman times. It's also where Marius was abducted by the Druids. Read more about Marius' making here.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blond, wavy, to his shoulders. Sometimes clipped.

Parents: A Roman Patrician and a Keltic slave who died when he was born. Father adopted him and made him a legal Roman citizen.

Siblings: Yes, brothers have been mentioned, though we don't know their names, ages, or numbers. Marius clearly has a different mother from all of them, but he was adopted by his father as a legal son.

Mortal Occupation(s): Roaming historian, solider, and Senator.

Immortal Occupation(s): Venetian painter and filmmaker.

Mortal Age: Most people say, because of what was claimed in The Vampire Lestat, that Marius is around the age of 40. But I found this to be inconsistent when I read later novels. And we all know that Anne can sometimes be inconsistent with her facts. So I used the more recent novel Pandora to come to the decision that he is closer to the age of 35. Want to know how? Then go here.

Immortal Age: Once estimated around 2039. Now, re-thought and re-estimated at 2037 (This is based on my age theory here).

Maker: Druid God of the Grove

Powers: Among them, the Mind Gift, the Fire Gift, the Cloud Gift, and the Killing Gift (More information found here).

Fledglings: Pandora, Armand, Bianca, Sybelle, & Benji

Times Slept: Three
     - 410 AD with the burning of Rome by Alaric (B&G pg. 127), King of the Goths, waking to travel to Constantinople with Avicus and Mael (B&G pg. 129). In his own words, Marius said that "almost a hundred years had passed" (B&G pg. 132). I would estimate this is so, given his statement that the Goth ruler was in Ravenna, that he spoke of either Odoacer or Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great (B&G pg. 133).
     - 1200 AD after starting, "I was weary" (B&G pg. 209)
     - Somewhere in the middle ages, in the 1300s since the plague was ravishing Italy, he awoke from his previous sleep and promptly went back to sleep to wake in the days of the Renaissance in year 1482 (B&G pg. 212-213)