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     Mael and Marius first met when they were both mortal. Mael was a Druid, given the task to find the next God of the Grove. He searched high and low for the 'perfect' man, a man both beautiful in looks and of extraordinary mental capabilities. So he found Marius. Striking Marius over the head, Marius was tied up and kidnapped. When he awoke, he was on a cart deep in the woods. Mael then had the responsibility of teaching to Marius all of the Druid ways, their customs, and songs. He was to prepare Marius to become their god. Despite Marius' attempts at bribing Mael to let him go, Mael would have none of it. On the night of Samhain, Marius was taken into the giant oak tree and met the God of the Grove who told him to escape the Druids and go to Egypt, and once there to find out why all living vampires had been burnt. Marius did so, participating in the feast of victims afterwards and running away as his maker was burnt in the ritual. As Marius' abductor and teacher, Mael had to find him to bring him back. So Mael had to be turned into a vampire, which was done by another Druid God, Avicus, who used Mael to help him escape. They became companions for a long time, encountering Marius later in Rome. Marius and Mael hated each other, Mael because Marius abandoned his purpose, and Marius because Mael had destroyed him. But through their hatred, they became friends with a common cause of protecting themselves and their territory. When Marius went to sleep the first time, Mael and Avicus stayed those long centuries to take care of him. They all moved to Constantinople together, true companions now. Marius went off on his own not too long after, but Mael and Marius were to see each other in Venice, where Mael met Amadeo and spoke to Marius about the dangers of his keeping so close to mortals. Marius disregarded Mael, and they were not to see each other again until the Sonoma Compound gathering.

     Avicus was another Druid God of the Oak, and the maker of Mael. When Mael came to him to be made, Avicus convinced him to help him escape the way that Marius had. Avicus possessed an innocence and uneducated niavity about him, and he fell in love with Marius' learning and sophistication. Marius was intrigued by this very innocence that made Avicus so open to learning, to reading everything, and to watching Marius paint. Mael was, at first, very jealous because he thought that Marius was trying to who Avicus away from him, though Marius wasn't. Since Mael and Marius did not get along when they all first came together, Avicus stole away to silently watch Marius paint his rooms at night. But what was so valuable about Avicus was his ability to calm Mael down, so much so that he was able to accept that they needed Marius. First companions in protecting Rome from rogue vampires, Marius finally shared with them the secret of Those Who Must Be Kept. That truly bound them together, and made them traveling companions to the Byzantine Empire, where they settled into Constantinople. After Marius had slain Eudoxia and discovered Zenobia, he gave her over to Mael and Avicus to take care of since he planned on taking another sleep. Avicus deeply loved Zenobia, which created a rift between he and Mael, which also led to their separation.

     To Marius, Eudoxia both reminded him of Pandora - perhaps in her strength and sophisticated, educated manner- and differed from Pandora. But regardless of what she reminded him of, Eudoxia represented a creature of luxury and understanding, someone whom understood the old tales and could share with him secrets; and that he could also share his secrets with. He desired someone of her refined senses to speak with. Unfortunately, the two of them were to be enemies due to her desire to take the Queen from Marius.

     Zenobia was made for Eudoxia by one of her boys, whom Marius killed in a rage. When everyone was dead, Marius discovered Zenobia hiding. He felt an instant affection for her, because she was beautiful, young, and naive. Zenobia was distraught at the knowledge of Eudoxia's death, and threatened to stab Marius, but she could not. She did, however, make it very clear to Marius that she could not survive on her own. Marius had already decided that he would leave, after giving Eudoxia over to Akasha, so he could not keep her as his companion. Mael refused to keep her though Avicus was entranced by her, she was young and weak, and would be a burden to the two of them. To make her strong, Marius decided to give her some of his blood, which was strong with the power of age and of the Queen. But he was determined to teach her what Eudoxia had not; how to take care of herself, how to protect and shield herself. She had the promise of an untainted virgin, and he could mold her into what he wanted her to become. Zenobia was also the first one to give Marius news of Pandora in centuries, tracing their meeting back to Crete where Pandora was on the hunt for him. One of the first lessons Marius taught Zenobia was to cut her hair to hunt the streets as a man, safe. He taught her the true measure of her own powers. Though he was convinced that she would soon come to hate him for what he did to Eudoxia, she refused to believe she would because Marius had freed her. At the end of the night, exhausted and in love with Zenobia, Marius left her with Mael and Avicus, who would be her caretakers.

     Lestat first heard of Marius through the tale of Armand, the leader of the Paris coven of vampires, the Les Innocents. He told the story of his maker, and his maker's demise. Lestat was obsessed with finding Marius, for ten years leaving messages all around Europe with the hopes of Marius one day coming to him. To Lestat, Marius held the promise of a teacher, that perhaps Lestat would finally be able to have his questions answered and understand immortality. In that, he would thus have a reason to continue living. After the death of Nicki, Lestat went deep underground in Cairo to sleep. It was Marius who woke him, who dug him up and brought him to his home and secret shrine on the Aegean Sea. It was there that he told Lestat his life story, and that of Those Who Must Be Kept. The promise he saw in Lestat was that perhaps he would have a pupil, a student so willing to learn, and finally bring an end to the loneliness Marius had felt for so long. But Lestat, the troublemaker, fell in love with Akasha- and she with him- when he saw her. As if being called, unknown to Marius, Lestat went down to the shrine and played a violin for Askasha, raising her! They were locked together as lovers, taking blood from each other... something she had never done with Marius, a great source of later jealousy from him. Enkil rose also, enraged, and seeking to take back his Queen. If it wasn't for Marius coming in and threatening Enkil, putting his own life on the line, Lestat would have been crushed under his foot. As sad as it made Marius, he had to ask Lestat to leave with the promise of never telling anyone the secrets he learned. This was a promise Lestat broke when he told the world of Marius, Akasha, and Enkil in his songs. Marius was the one that gave Lestat the nickname, "The Brat Prince," and has likened him to Alexander the Great, who cried when there were no more worlds to conquer. They have an understanding, a shared pain in their final loss of Akasha.