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     Pandora knew Marius when he was a mortal. They met when she was just a ten-year-old girl, and Marius was a 25-year-old man. Marius had business with her father, who was giving money to Marius for the exiled writer, Ovid. He spoke to Pandora's father about marrying her, but was denied. They didn't see each other again for nearly seven years. This time, Pandora asked her father to marry her to Marius, but was again denied. Marius vanished after this, and was not heard of. It was during this time that Marius was kidnapped by the Druids, turned into a vampire, and escaped to Egypt to take Those Who Must Be Kept from the Elder. When Pandora was a 35 year old woman, and her father and brother had been killed by her other brother, she escaped. But it was this time that she began to be haunted by visions of a past life as a blood drinker. There were other blood drinkers presently after her because of this, convinced she could lead them to the king and queen. Marius, a vampire, caught wind of this and came out of hiding to 'rescue' her. But he was too late, and she was weak. Marius had no choice but to make her, something that Akasha had no doubt planned on since Marius had began to become weary, and thought about putting an end to all of their lives. They lived together in Rome, protecting the King and Queen from other vampires seeking to drink their blood for power. The two of them had a volatile relationship, fighting often. But there was never any doubt that the two of them loved each other very much. However, after a large slaughter of new Christian vampires, Marius sank into a depression that wore Pandora out. She finally broke down and cried out that she wanted to be rid of him, and then left. Marius took it to heart, and packed up his things along with the King and Queen, and left. He has said that was the worst mistake of his life. Though he tried to find Pandora, and she tried to find him, they were not to see each other again until the 1650's, when they met at a ball in Dresden. But Pandora, frightened by the King and Queen and her own weakness, refused to stay with Marius. He promised to wait forever. They had no lost touch with each other, but their relationship has not been as close afterwards.

     Marius first heard of Akasha through his maker, the God of the Grove. He was instructed by his maker to go to Egypt, to find the King and Queen, to discover the reason for the burning that had killed and horribly disfigured many. Taking this to heart, Marius escaped to Egypt and sought out the Queen. Or rather, the Queen sought him out and brought him to her. In the care of an elder Vampire who was also suffering from the burning, Akasha and Enkil sat frozen underground. Marius admits to being instantly in love with Akasha. She came to him that night, instructing him to take her out of Egypt, to protect her. Marius followed her request, stealing her along with Enkil from the elder. In return, Akasha protected Marius from the elder. In times of need, Akasha was always there to protect and revitalize Marius. To give him strength and life, she shared her blood. In return, Marius kept her and Enkil safe in elaborate shrines filled with gifts. During his first long sleep, Akasha held him in her arms until darkness took over. However, Akasha betrayed Marius, trapping him under ice as she fled her final shrine to go to Lestat.

     Marius lay in a gondola, floating down the Grand Canal of Venice during it's reign of the Renaissance when a praying voice hit his ears. Following this sound, he came to a brothel. Inside a closet was an insolent boy being punished. Marius ordered them to sell him the boy, and what he saw when the door was pulled open was, as he described, the face of an angel. Falling immediately in love, Marius brought this one boy, who he named Amadeo, to his home. Feeding, bathing, and nurturing him, soon Amadeo was well enough to join the other boys. But Amadeo wasn't like the other boys, he was Marius' lover. Every night that Marius was in Venice, he and Amadeo would retire to his bedroom together. It was during one of these sessions that Marius first gave Amadeo some of his blood. Amadeo knew that Marius was no normal human, and he realized that this blood was the source of whatever magic Marius possessed. It was frequent for them afterwards to exchange blood, and Amadeo needed it- as well as Marius- like a drug. Despite some of Marius' later attempts to turn Amadeo away from him and to humans, Amadeo would have none of it. But Amadeo did grow tired of Marius' distance, and took as a lover an English lord. It was this man, jealous and determined to have Amadeo back that stabbed and poisoned him. Marius then had no choice but to turn Amadeo into a vampire, or risk losing him forever. After he became a vampire, Amadeo learned the secret of his youth before being captured and brought to the brothel. He was a young painter of religious ikons in the Slavic Kiev Rus. Kidnapped by the Tartars, he was brought to Venice and sold to the owner of the brothel. His real name was Andrei. Afterwards, he tried once again to conform to his new life as an immortal, both enthralled and scared of what he had become. His time with Marius was short-lived when a group of vampires, angry with Marius for his nonreligious and mortal loving ways, destroyed his home, set fire to him, and kidnapped Amadeo. Marius was not to see Amadeo for nearly 500 years, though he did see Amadeo in Paris, when Amadeo had changed his name to Armand and was the leader of the Les Innocents coven of vampires.

     Bianca was a young courtesan that Marius met when he became an artist and noble in Renaissance Venice. She was born in Florence, and surrounded herself with artistic men, also a lover of art. They had an instant connection. Bianca always knew something was different about Marius, calling him a magician. But she was unique in that she wasn't scared of him, but rather more interested in him than any of the other men that she surrounded herself with. Marius knew Bianca's deep secret, she was a murderess. Her cousin blackmailed her into killing other men off for him, and she was under his power. Though she killed many men, part of what drew Marius to her was that she still retained a bit of innocence. Of course, she appeared worldly and learned; she was not like Pandora in her wisdom. Marius was, in fact, going to make Bianca a vampire until he met Amadeo. Bianca was Amadeo's lover at one point, and neither one of them worried over Marius' jealousy. In fact, the three of them had quite a time together after Amadeo was made into a vampire. Back on subject, after the fire that destroyed Marius' home and Marius - which Bianca was at- she became his keeper. Too wounded to take care of himself, Marius called Bianca to her and made her into a vampire. She wanted this, she had known for some time what Marius was because Amadeo had confided it to her. The two of them traveled to the mountains together to the shrine of the mother and father. Akasha allowed Bianca her blood to strengthen her, knowing Marius needed a strong protector. But also, an image of Pandora was planted in her mind. Why? Because Akasha had promised, in her own way, Marius Pandora if he did not go after Amadeo. Akasha knew that Pandora, if she came across Bianca, would be able to read her own image from her mind, and know Marius was near. And this was exactly what happened. Decades later, in Dresden, Bianca saw Pandora and ran to tell Marius. Marius rushed to Pandora, promising her everything, promising to leave Bianca for her. Pandora refused, and unfortunately Bianca also heard this promise. She left Marius. And she was never heard of again.