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     Ovid was a poet and writer that was accused of corruption and exiled by the Emperor Augustus to the Baltic Coast. His books were banned, but the educated retained their copies. Even in exile, Ovid continued to write. Marius, as a young mortal man, was friends with Ovid and was often entrusted to go back and forth to bring money to Ovid from others, and word back on the state of the aging man.

Captain Clement
     Clement was a Christian Roman and captain of the ship with Avicus, Marius, and Mael traveled on to get from Rome to Constantinople. Marius felt a particular affection for him because his stories made Marius forget about his own sadness. He would tell Marius tales of his youth traveling from port to port in the Mediterranean on merchant ships.

     When Marius wakes to live in Renaissance Italy, Vincenzo is an old mortal that Marius employed to take care of his household. Unfortunately, Vincenzo is later killed by Santino's band of satanic vampires during the massacre.

     Riccardo was a young boy Marius adopted as an apprentice that was sold in a brothel. Riccardo had been put up as bet by his father during a card game that he lost. Amadeo and Riccardo became good friends, and next to Amadeo, Riccardo was Marius' favorite. He excelled in music and arts, a young painter. Riccardo was kidnapped by the satanic coven and killed later by Armand (Amadeo).

Raymond Gallant
     A member of the Talamasca, Raymond Gallant was set with the charge of learning about Marius. One night, Marius felt his presence and sensed the mortal man watching him. It was this moment that Marius learned about the somewhat ancient order of the paranormal. Marius finds out that Raymond had been following him for a while, collecting his old discarded paintings, and following him to balls and gatherings. Giving in, Marius speaks to him, and Raymond is the only person after Zenobia to tell him anything about Pandora. Since Raymond was able to do this, Marius told him to leave Venice the next night and not come back. Raymond complied, though he and Marius stayed in touch. Marius let the order study him, and he told many of the secrets to Raymond and his colleagues. After Marius was burnt by the satanic coven of Santino, Marius confided in Raymond what had happened, once again asking for news of Pandora. After Raymond's inevitable death, Marius developed a friendship with Raymond's partner.