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     Antioch was the city in which Marius and Pandora met again after almost two decades spent apart, located in Greece close to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was yet another city founded by Alexander the Great near 300BC, and soon came under the control of the Seleucid kings when his kingdom was divided after death. Antioch was a very important city to the growing religion of Christianity, almost half of its inhabitants converting, though much of the population was Jewish.

Romans populated the areas, enslaving the native Greek population. I've seen it described as, "where East met West," and was a "jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire." It was better than Rome in that it embraced the sprouting pagan religions such as the Temple of Isis, Hellenistic intellect, and literature. It was yet another popular center for philosophers to collect and discuss their ideas in freedom.

Its positions near the Mediterranean Sea and its branching rivers made it a great center of trade and exportation. It was a rich society, rich in culture and beauty.