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- "I am unknowable by nature, but you may call me Marius."

- "You're weak, near passing. I can barely hear your heartbeat. The future hastens. An age beyond my antique reason. You will help me understand these times."

- "When you feed, hold back from the moment of death. Never take the last drop, or it will draw you in and you will die."

- "Their blood that we take into us carries with it life their life, their knowledge, their complexity."

- "You still have a few lingering mortal emotions. They'll serve you no good, my friend."

- "A vampire's life is a life of discretion."

- "We are vulnerable during the day. Mortals must never know of us."

- "You must be dead to the world."

- "She takes pleasure in only one thing: destroying life."

- "In all those years I've kept them not once have they moved."

- "You've just become very hard to avoid these days, at least in conversation. What are you trying to prove Lestat?"

- "You almost cost me everything, and now you've done it again. This isn't the time to settle old scores."

- "Arisen. She has taken the King's blood; absorbed his power."

- "You're no match for her Lestat, you're not a god. We were once mortals too; it is our heritage we protect."