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movie vs. book

Book: Blond hair, blued eyed Keltic.
Movie: Dark haired, dark eyed frenchman.

Book: Not the Maker of Lestat.
Movie: Maker of Lestat.

Book: Not there for the Vampire Lestat concert- buried under the ice.
Movie: Attends the concert with the ancients.

Book: Tries to send Lestat warning messages from under the ice.
Movie: Goes to Lestat before the concert to talk him out of it.

Book: Rescues Lestat from Enkil and tells him he has to go.
Movie: Finds Lestat after he drank Akasaha blood and chains him to bed.

Book: Tries to speak resonably to Akasha.
Movie: Attacks Akasha.

Book: A kind, human-like man who enjoys mortal company and believes the nature of mortals is beautiful and infinite.
Movie: A man who belives mortal emotions are no good; vicious and disrespectful to the dead. Quick to kill.

Book: Akasha moved quite a bit. She moved to tell Marius to take her, she moved to rescue him from the elder, she moved to kill Eudoxia, and she moved to welcome Pandora, to name a few.
Movie: Marius claims that Akasha has never moved for him.